We Are Family The Movie

by Pick Up Your Butts Productions


Hey friends! We are not the best at regular blogging. BUT! We are hoping to get a young person to do our blogging for us on a more regular basis. So. You know. Check back. In the meantime: Hey, how’s it going? We’re great. Oh, read this blog for now: Still Fighting the Good Fight.


We love pickles. And they are big part of our movie. So we think Rick’s Picks (artisanal NYC pickles) would be perfect cross-promotion for We Are Family. Check out our mockup. Rick, if you are out there, give us a call so we can talk pickle to pickle.

Next Up: Sizzle Reel

We are creating a sizzle reel so that people can get a little taste of this movie we’re making. Our plan is to have a sizzle reel up and running in the next few weeks. We will keep you posted, of course. We’ve been researching sizzle reels. There are a lot out there. We’ve learned a few things that we will share with you now:

1. Use a minimal amount of text.

2. Music sets the tone. Selecting the right music keeps viewers engaged. (Luckily we have a great musician working to compose a track for our sizzle reel—check out Brian Mumford here.)

3. Keep it short!

4. Get naked. (Just kidding. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Obviously you were.)

We are excited!


The Team


Boy does movie making require a giant amount of list-making. Fortunately our team is comprised of some expert list makers.

Animation Preoccupation

Since you read our blog on an hourly basis, you already know that our movie has several animated scenes. This week we are meeting with a slew of animators to find the right one for us. We are hoping to find someone to work with in the next couple of weeks. As soon as we have a sample animation we will post it here. In the meantime, check out this animated video by the band Sunfoot.

Middle Aged Dog, New Tricks

You know the old adage about teaching an old dog new tricks, yes? Have you heard any stories about teaching a middle aged dog new tricks? If so, do these stories end well or poorly? Am I being too cryptic? Perhaps I should just come out and explain the situation. So, there are two dogs in our movie. One of whom we will tell you more about later on—she is a famous dog! But this blog post is not about her. Soon, we promise. This blog post is about the other dog in the movie. As of now that dog will be played by Oscar Shortbits Loving-Life Feinberg. For those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Shaina’s personal life, Oscar is Shaina’s dog. Oscar is a very harsh mistress. People have been known to call him Mussolini, that’s how harsh he can be. Oscar is playing himself, more or less, in the movie. Which means that he just has to lay around and also walk down stairs and walk in the street. Pretty simple stuff, for a dog. But, Oscar, for those who don’t know him personally, is quite a handful. And some of us over here at Pick Up Your Butts HQ are doubtful about whether Oscar will be able to handle the pressures of working on a feature-length movie. In fact, some of us are so concerned about it that we’ve decided to enlist a dog trainer. We are currently seeking the perfect dog trainer to train Oscar to be more cooperative on set. If you are that dog trainer or know that person, please do contact us. In the meantime, here is a video of Oscar so you can see why we feel so hell-bent on using him despite his frequent barking fits. I mean, he’s just super adorable. Watch the video here: http://f-berg.org/barking-oscar.MOV.

Yes, It’s True, We’ve Got Dave Hill

Hi guys! The rumors have been swirling around in the rumor mill and we thought, you know what, let’s take a moment to address some of these rumors. Or, at least, one rumor in particular. So, yeah, it’s true: We’ve got Dave Hill. Dave Hill is in our movie. I know. It’s awesome.

Ya know, every once in a while you stumble upon someone really talented, truly hilarious, someone so totally amazing at playing guitar and having sexy beach hair. Every once in a while you will meet one of these shining stars, and when you do, you know it immediately. It’s like the atmosphere in the room changes and everyone speaks in hushed tones. Dave Hill is one of those people and we are thrilled to have him in our movie. For you ladies out there who’ve never actually seen this hot tamale in person, let me just say that he is bow-legged. Yep. Bow-legged. Does that make you swoon or what? Interested parties can find out more about Dave Hill and are encouraged to check back here soon for an interview with him. Oh and you can also listen to an episode of This American Life that Shaina and Dave did together a couple years ago.

Pick Up Your Butts!

You may know Pick Up Your Butts from our street theatre production of Amiri Baraka’s play Dutchman in Santa Cruz, California, our internet radio show called Radio Schmadio Radio Hour, or from our series of legal writing podcasts. But if you don’t, that is totally okay. We Are Family The Movie is our newest and biggest project. Just by reading this blog, you are getting in on the ground floor. Great job!


Hello again! Did you know our movie has several animated scenes in it? It does! And all of the art for these animated scenes will be done by our friend, Dana Dart-McLean. Dana is an incredible artist and she also happens to be the leading lady of our movie. More on Dana down the pipeline, but for now here are some examples of Dana’s art.


Hey! You There! Read This! Please!

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for reading our blog, about our movie, which is named after a song. We really appreciate it. This is our first post. And we feel like it is going pretty well so far. Except for all those exclamation points in the title. If you want, you can just ignore them. Some people like exclamation points. Other people, don’t.

Pick Up Your Butts Productions is two human beings named Shaina and Rachel. We have big dreams. One of those dreams is to walk a pigeon on a leash. Another of those dreams is to make the movie We Are Family The Movie. Shaina wrote a wonderful script and we have all sorts of great people and dogs lined up to be in it. The movie is the story of three artistic siblings in modern-day Brooklyn. It is the kind of movie that you will like watching because it has happy parts, funny parts, sad parts, and other parts. We promise that you won’t have to cover your eyes at any point while watching it.

We are raising money over on kickstarter.com to spend on cameras, lights, microphones, and all the other things you need to make a movie. If you feel like helping us out, that would be great! (Sorry non-exclamation point people.)

Watch this space for posts about the relationships, comedians, places, artists, pets, clowns, schtoons, jokes, movies, feelings, and snacks that inspire us. We can’t wait to get started!

Much love,

Shaina & Rachel

(WeRFamilyMovie at gmail dot com)